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Lissa Alicia’s Goals For The New Year

The #1000

One of the most important goals that I made for myself in the new year is to get my social media numbers up to 1000. That means 1,000 followers on my instagram, 1,000 followers on my twitter, 1,000 followers on my blog, 1,000 on my facebook like page and 1,000 subscribers on my youtube channel. Quite frankly 1,000 isn’t that big of a number but its a start. Having that many people following and liking my pages will put my business in a better position. By doing this I will be challenging myself to make consistent and relevant quality content. Plus, if  I want to establish myself as an expert in social media marketing I can’t be out here with less than 200 followers on Twitter – no shade yall, I just started used Twitter foreal. I have so much to say and I swear I need a bigger audience.

Learn How to Drive

Yes I am 23 soon to be 24-year-old woman living in America that doesn’t know how to drive. Growing up poor in Philadelphia I learned how to get around without a car. Grocery shopping and even Ikea trips were done on SEPTA, Philadelphia’s dreadful public transportation service. Living without a car was so normal to me that I never felt the need to cop-up let alone learn how to drive.Things is are much different now.  My job is on the other side of the city from my apartment and my school is even farther. The commuter life is about to get really real and I ain’t here for it. I am ready to learn how to drive but thinking about it gives me really bad anxiety – like what if I crash my car or drive off a bridge……..?

Regular Exercise

I know, everybody wants to be healthier in the new year. I do too, but honestly, I am more concerned with being sexy. Like I’m sexy now wth all my curves, dimples, and stretch marks, but in 2015 I am interested in toning up and perking up. I don’t know, maybe in 2016 I’ll want all the jelly back. But really yall, its not cool that I get winded going up two flights of stairs. I want to be able to be active and agile like in the good old days back out Southwark Elementary. I am also interested in regaining my flexibility, therefore I will be wiping the dust off of my yoga mat and begin perfecting my downward dog.


Aside of saving money, traveling and getting straight A’s in all of my coursework those are all of my goals for 2015. They are are perfectly reasonable and attainable goals, its just going to take dedication and mindfulness to reach them all. I am so excited for the new year yall.


What are some of your goals for the new year? What did you struggle with in 2014? Let me know in the comments. Help me reach goal of #1,000 by adding/liking me on my social media pages.

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