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If We Are Not On Good Terms By December 31st Then You Are Getting Left In 2014

“If we are not on good terms by December 31st then you are getting left in 2014” – I saw these words plastered atop  a heavily filtered image of Drake. At first glance it looked like your typical pseudo-motivational Instagram graphic. But after actually reading the words, the fake Champagne Papi quote resonated.

In 2014 I lost a lot of friends to some bullshit, like legit unfounded bullshit. And maybe a little bit of snobbery too. Contrary to prior years, I took my loss of pals pretty well. I realized that the petty peeps that I called friends were not worth my time, and ultimately, I was better off without their negative energy. Ending the friendship now meant that I would not have to waste more time on their fake fuckery and I could seamlessly move on with my life. To be honest, all of that made me wonder if I was actually friend with these people to begin with. One chick even told me that it was “about time” that our friendship ended. I found that funny because just the week before she was hitting me with the “Ohhh I love you Sisstar” bofunnery. If it was “about time” why were you pretending? Ain’t nobody had time for that then and ain’t nobody got time for it now And I damn sure don’t have time for it in 2015.

Just like every New Year millions of us reevaluate our lives and decide what we need to start doing, what we need to change, and what we need to get rid of altogether. Personally, I need to get back in the gym and on the yoga mat, rearrange my closet, and finish filling out this Leeway Grant application. As far as removals go, in 2015 I am washing my hands of fake and half-stepping friends. Loyalty and transparency are a must. If you feel like I disrespected you in any way, let me know, don’t  go talking smack to our mutuals. If we are friends you should feel comfortable stepping to me like a mature adult, and voice your concerns. I can apologize and we can rebuild. The fact that you rather not do something constructive that promotes relationship building tells me that this “friendship” is not even worth your effort.

In 2014 I realized that friendships can be just as fulfilling (and stressful) as romantic relationships. You must be highly selective when choosing a person with whom to share your time and affection. You must be mindful of not hurting their feelings, and if you do, apologize and rectify your actions. Communication and respect will always be key in any relationship – without them, resentment and disdain will begin to conquer any positive memories and emotions, and ultimately destroy the relationship.

I wish my old homies success in all their endeavors and peace & love in all of their relationships. I wish we could have lasted but this is just how the cards were dealt. As for me 2015 will bring more blogging, more PR, more events,  a new school, a new apartment, overall growth and development and more laughs, tears, and love with the people that matter most.


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