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Why It’s Bigger Than Ferguson & Why Black Folks Are Angry

Ever since the death of Michael Brown in that took place back in August in  Ferguson, Missouri, the suburb of St.Louis has grown into more than a town, but a term used when referencing police brutality and the current race relations in America.  Ferguson not only represents its citizens and Mike Brown, but Eric Garner, John Crawford, Aiyanna Jones, Tarika Williams and all the unarmed victims of police brutality.

After the public found out that they did not want to indict Darren Wilson for the death of Mike Brown, my social media feeds were abuzz with everyone’s opinions about the verdict. Many people, especially blacks, expressed their anger about the lack of justice surrounding the Mike Brown case. Unfortunately a surprising number of people can’t fathom why black people are so upset. I decided to compile a short list of why my people are fed up.

Cops who are supposed to protecting and serving are now pretending to be Judge Dread. Assuming that Mike Brown did steal a cigarillo and assuming that Darren Wilson had probable cause to stop 18-year-old Brown. His job is to arrest and possibly restrain the suspect, not kill. Willson. By killing the unarmed college bound teen Wilson assumed Brown was guilty. There was no judge to make a ruling before Brown was executed. He was not able to plead a case before a group of his peers. He was sent directly to the firing squad. The same goes for Garner and the police who murdered him after the victim was expressing that he could breathe between struggling for gasps of air. The officers involved in this homicide played Judge Jury and Executioner. These actions are telling black folks like myself that we have no control over our destiny, that we are not worthy of due process, that our lives are meaningless

The cops who murdered Garner and Brown were not indicted. Despite the fact that both officers involved were filmed murdering unarmed men in cold blood, their prosecutors  for some foul reason decided that they were unable to convict any cops that were involved with the deaths of Garner and Brown. Yet again black lives are deemed valueless, much less important that the livelihood and freedom of the white cops that took the lives of unarmed non threatening black men.

The fact that this shit ain’t nothing new, but it is systematic. In case you forgot, black people across the globe have been raped of their land, culture, and identity. The ones who survived brutal genocide were made to work for other people with little to none reciprocity for their labor, and marginalized through disparities in the education, prison, and economical systems. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Movement  African-Americans remain the most disenfranchised group in the country. Can anyone really explain why more white people admitted using illicit drugs but blacks make up nearly all of the population in prison in jail for drug related offenses. But I mean I guess we are supposed take all of this on the chin and keep on trucking.

Ferguson is about race and we can’t tell if people can’t understand that or are just willfully ignorant. Thus far, and continuously so, I’ve made sure to explicitly use “black” and “white” to describe the separate parties involved in current racial climate in America. This is not to belittle or ignore the struggles that non-black folks are going through but I am strictly talking about black people at this moment. I am choosing to only talk about black people right now because that is how I identify and quite simply put, black livelihood is what is currently, on a grand scale, being challenged by multiple systems such as the education, prison, housing and economic systems as well as police forces. I choose to use the word “white” because the systems aforementioned are run by vast majorities of white people who, regardless of a decision to be included in the perks, are reaping the benefits of, white privilege. And to take it back to a more micro level the white cops who keep killing unarmed black men are only contributing to further attacks against black existence.


The homoginization and belittlement of the injustices we face as black people.“Black people kill black people too!” “White cops shoot white boys to!” I promise you these are the most irritating and rage inducing statements to have ever been utter from a person’s lips. Personally, when I hear or see people being so ignorant I usually just  shake my head and walk away. I literally can’t and won’t. When will people realize that is not the dialogue that needs to be had The weak justifications and paperthin bandaids will not fix a the very serious problem of systematic racism in America.

Somewhere i in the land of Black Twitter a clever individual came up with the hashtag #Blacklivesmatter . Of course we couldn’t have this tag or struggle to ourselves. It wasn’t long before l someone felt being politically correct created #Alllivesmatter  and included all of us on some “We Are The World”  type unity kick that deflected the real issue into one big melting pot of struggle. Clearly humanity was not ready when Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones did it then and we are damn sure not ready for some Twitter Troll to try to revive a false sense of unity. When the world trade centers were attacked nobody said “Building get bombed everyday B.”

White people can get away with almost anything. The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2014 & James Eagan Holmes being apprehended alive after killing 12 people in a Colorado movie theater.  That is all.

Black People are allowed to be angry. As history proved, when people are angry we break stuff. After centuries of pillage, plunder, slavery, genocide, mass incarceration, and a host of other tools used to keep us down,black people are angry – and rightfully so. We can’t just get over it, believe me, we tried, but quite frankly forgetting and moving on is impossible when you are life is essentially unimportant to the ones that hold the power. Rioting and looting is not the nicest thing that we could do, but look what being nice has gotten us so far – absolutely nothing.

We don’t have a clear way to combat the war on black people without causing further bloodshed and incarceration. The idealist in me does not want to see anymore blood, black or white, on in American streets. But black people must to collectively get a better grasp of how to are going to overcome. The realist in me knows that in order to generate any change it is going to take more noise; riots, disruption, and financial blackouts. All the system can do at this point is allow us to exist and prosper.


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