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Is Instagram The New LinkedIn?

Since its start in 2004, LinkedIn has been the standard for networking professionals and businesses. The site, which allows you to upload a resume and make connections with colleagues seems to have a very mature demographic.

Little explanation is required when describing Instagram – a social media platform designed to help users release their inner photographer. Presently Instagram is home to millions of memes, inspirational quotes, and selfies.

Instagram is very useful when it comes to discovering new forms of entertainment. Visual artist such as Marcus Prime and Dessie Jackson upload works in progress and paintings for their 82,000 combined followers. Nella Ngingo based out of Philadelphia uses her Instagram account to serve as a supplementary portfolio. Small business like Jordan Johnson Seafood and Hibiscus Juice Bar uploads images of their mouthwatering entrees. Instagram has grown to become an essential part of networking and advertisement for hundreds of young professional and business owners.

Philadelphia based art connoisseur and event curator, Kwashee Totimeh has found Instagram to be an integral part of the shows that he organizes. Instagram not only allows you to see an artist’s work, but it enables the viewer also base judgement upon the artist’s fanbase.

“I select artists by checking out each persons instagram with artwork and their twitter interactions to see the type of demographic they bring out. I wanted to have all different demographics and cultures so that each person can gain a new demographic to reach out too.”

LinkedIn is great for making the kind of business connections that lead to landing the perfect corporate office job. But in a time where millennials have a monopoly on the job market, and the average attention span is about the same as a cricket’s, LinkedIn comes off more like a petrified dinosaur fossil rather than the ever adaptable newborn that is Instagram.

Essentially, Instagram is free advertisement. With the right filter and carefully selected hashtag anyone has the ability to spread their product or service to the prime demographic. Kimone Garve is the woman behind Monie Skin Care, a top quality hygiene brand that prides itself on using all natural products. By posting photos of pre-packaged goods and lotions and potions straight out of the mixer onto her Instagram, Kimone creates a transparency that builds a lasting and trustworthy relationship between her and her customers and clients

“Well basically most of the promoting that I do is based on Instagram. Its better because I am able to get different demographics, different regions and areas. I am local to Philly and I am able to meet people in Florida and people in Canada, people in the United Kingdom, people from all over the world basically, which I would have never been able to do without social media, Its tremendous.

I am a part of The Natural Box for their subscribers. I have a couple people that are in Florida that carry my products in their boutiques. Somebody reached out to me the other day to buy in bulk, she a has a subscription type of business as well. I was invited to the BET awards to have my products in the gift bags for celebrities.”

Instagram really is the easiest way for a person to promote themselves. Upload a photo of whatever it is that you do or create. Make it accessible to the right people by utilizing the God that is “#”, hit the green check and wait. Of course there is more to creating a fanbase or finding clients on Instagram than that, but its the essentials. LinkedIn has grown to be the clunky and complicated internet networking tool of the past. Instagram is just as easy as taking a picture.


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