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Digital Art Gallery Plans To Breathe New Live Into East Coast Art

On Saturday, October 25th, Philadelphia based event curator Kwashee Totimeh held the first Digital Art Gallery at the Asian Arts Initiative on 12th and Vine. The purpose of the event is to blur the line between what people see as art, then pairing that with the latest in technology. DSC02932

“I wanted people to realize art comes in all different forms, from music to graphic art to clothing. This tour is to bring out the hidden gems in each city and to bring a good networking kickback night.” says Totimeh.

Unlike most gallery openings, the majority of the visual at was able to be viewed on tablets that rotated a slideshow of images. Peppered throughout the galley was tangible art that was available to viewers in a more classical form.

“I felt there were a lot of under appreciated artist that do not get enough recognition. So I decided to come up with an expo to incorporate everything and show society how the evolution of technology can bring great things.” says Totimeh.

Not only were attendees able to check out work from artist and photographers such as Da Vinci, Divine Equality, and Kayla Ingram, but spoken word and live graphic designs were some of the other things that we on the menu.

Everyone in the crowd seemed to be having a good time browsing, shopping, and networking in the laidback yet class atmosphere. The backdrop to the entire event was the music coming from the ones and twos of DJ Jah and live beat production from Mike VII.

Digital Art Gallery was a very refreshing experience in the sense that the show was innovative in presentation and execution. Totimeh already has plans in the works to bring Digital Art Gallery to major cities across the East Coast. Each stop he will be showcasing the best young and up and coming artist.


“You can expect a lot from future Digital Art Gallery events, been planning ahead all summer. Right now we have NYC in two months with some twists and very special collabs. DC will be in February with my friends company and much others. Also, ATL is in the works for the spring with my homie @TrillAmericana.” says Totimeh


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