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When I first decided to curate a hip-hop show I was quite nervous – like I’ve never spearheaded anything bigger than a BBQ. I already knew that I wanted to feature my close homies Visto and Kno Picks. It didn’t take long to to figure out who else I wanted to add to the lineup. I immediately fell in love with the music of Ganou when I first saw her perform on Mischief Night at Silk City. As for Cult Fortified, I’ve been hearing them spit the illest most cerebral lines for years starting back when I met them at Rittenhouse. The DJ John Morrison has been supporting since the beginning of the project – a special thanks is owed to him.

Ultimately I wanted to showcase some of my favorite Hip-Hop artist who I find, did not have a lot of publicity. I felt like the talents of Visto, Kno Picks, Ganou, and Cult Fortified were going unnoticed. These acts are under the radar, and obscure.

The show was flawless.

Before the night was over people were asking me if I planned on doing a second show. I couldn’t give a response until I assessed the final outcome of the event. The audience had a blast and got a sense of who each performer was. I would like to think that I found each act at least one new fan. Its safe to say that there will be a second Obscura. I am projecting the second or third week in August. I currently have two acts in mind – they are only prospects. I want to be sure the line up is just as personal and meticulously crafted as the original.


Special thanks to Kat, Keturah, Bria, Duiji, and last but not least, the venue, A-Space. For those who don’t know, A-Space is an Anarchist community center located in West Philly. On the regular bases they host programs such as Books Through Bars, Food Not Bombs, and prison letter writing gatherings. On any given day, A-Space gives away free clothes, food, records, books, etc. Best part of all, the space is free to rent.

Much love to everyone who came through.

Below are event photos captured by Keiko Photography. Enjoy. Thank You








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