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Two Sides To A Coin: The DJ Sega Fund

We all know that the world of entertainment is not all red carpets and paparazzi, but sometimes we can’t help but dream up a reality that is full of total access and endless pleasure for our favorite DJs. These false beliefs are founded on a Superman ideology where everything is all fun, games, and sweaty dancing bodies sans desk job. To some extent that is the case, but ultimately, we have no idea whats going on behind closed doors.

Philly DJ and former Mad Decent artist, Robert “DJ Sega” Taylor Jr. might not have any doors to close when his house gets condemned. A DJ Sega party is hard to come by. Without counting the annual Mad Decent Block Party, you have to be following him heavy on social media or just have really good luck to catch one of his sets. When he first got started DJing in 2004 DJ Sega was easy to find at his residencies at Pinnacle Night Club and the Northeast skating rink formerly known as “Jamz”. Eventually he got scooped up by the culture appropriator powerhouse, Mad Decent.

After his Mother wound up physically disabled from being in two car accidents, Taylor was required to take care of his mother and mentally ill uncle for the past nine years. In addition to that burden, the house he and his family have been living in, is scheduled to be condemned.

“Usually I spend my day inside balancing taking care of them and producing music. I don’t come out the house unless I have money to make because I have a fear that something will happen here!”, says Taylor on the gofundme page that he created to raise money to move his family out of the dilapidated house and put their belongings into storage.

“Me and my unc…sorry for the toothpaste”

Leaving the residence may be the best thing for Taylor and his family.The conditions at the 5001 Irving street are almost unmentionable. Unrepaired leaks in the sink and the caved-in roof are nothing compared to the fecal matter swamp in his basement.


“A closer look into the hole in the roof!”

“Would you believe me if i told you i cleaned this basement before a few of the mad decent block parties?” “Umm…Doo Doo Brown???”

DJ Sega has performed in over 10 countries and was at one point signed with Mad Decent, a Los-Angeles-based electronic music label run my producer Diplo. Through that partnership, DJ Sega has spun sets in front of tens of thousands of people. Despite being known  internationally, DJ Sega has not garnered enough income to maintain a healthy living environment for his family.

The starving artist cliche is too often glamorized to the point where the executives, the galleries, and the buyers, that should be paying artist amounts, are making millions while exploiting the talents and cultures of their artist. Robert’s artist checks paired with the disability checks his family were likely receiving were clearly not enough to enable them to keep their house.

In return for donations as little as ten bucks, DJ Sega is saying thank you with a handful of dope music and goodies.

“There will not only be EXTREMELY RARE gifts sent to you both digitally and in the mail, but I will give you my entire story LIVE in storytelling form here on this page/youtube to raise donations! For the 1st time i will bare my soul completely to the world! And of course this will include all kinds of great music to go along with the stories!!!”, reads an excerpt from DJ Sega’s gofundme page.

The “Unfit For Habitation” notice was posted Wednesday, May 14th, 2014. The Taylor family has to be out by Friday, May 16th, 2014.

Despite living in deplorable conditions an and the stress of providing for his family, DJ Sega possess an optimistic attitude and transparency that will hopefully manifest a silver lining in his life and the people around him.

“This is NOT for pity…this is to INSPIRE! I can’t wait to share these stories with you all.”

If you would like to donate to Robert “DJ Sega” Taylor Jr.’s fundraiser, please click below.

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