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Emrld Ahmyo and the Chaotic Neutral



Cult Fortified founding member has tracks upon tracks of alternate universe soundscapes and replay worth lyrics that leave you slack jawed. All that and most of y’all are not even paying attention. I was able to get up with the rapper, producer and alchemist to find out more about his alternate universe based music.

Lissa Alicia: How long have you been rapping?

Emrld Ahmyo: Since Toy Story came out


Lissa Alicia: Is Toy Story the reason why you started raping?

Emrld Ahmyo: It isn’t why I started. It was around the time I started. I started because me and my cousin would come of with wack little raps together.


Lissa Alicia: How would you describe your creative process?

Emrld Ahmyo: Its kind of like a scavenger hunt in my brain. I base everything that I am writing around a specific verse, around something rhythmic, like a certain bar, then it will come together and I will go through my brain and find the things that match with that.


Lissa Alicia: Do you usually have the music first or the lyrics?

Emrld Ahmyo: It depends, sometimes I can totally write without a beat and I will only have the idea or the skeleton of a beat in my head. I’ll just come up with rhyming things. Then I will go to a beat and it will just match and have a specific rhythm. It works both ways really.


Lissa Alicia: How would you describe your music?

Emrld Ahmyo: A friend of mines described it as Busta Rhymes fused with MF Doom.


Lissa Alicia: Do you agree?

Emrld Ahmyo: I can totally understand how he could come up with that comparison. I say, my music sounds like functions and things, like in a lab or something. A wind-up toy. All different types of machines and stuff like that, that do things on their own. Sometimes I feel like I’ll base my stuff on things that don’t have sounds. What would coincidence sound like? What does chaos sound like; if you could take a slice of chaos and put it on a record player.







Lissa Alicia: Who are some of your influences?

Emrld Ahmyo: Mos Def. Definitely Doom and Busta. Method Man.


Lissa Alicia: Whats your opinion of the Philly music scene and where do you fit in?

Emrld Ahmyo: Its really cliquey, but I feel like we are slowly but surely moving towards a unified version of that, where it is just one big clique. But everything takes time. All the people who do music are usually really cool. They ain’t trying to start shit or whatever. Everybody is really chillin. There are levels. We are like mid-level with really strong stuff. Like in the beginning stages but with really strong material. We are slowly but surely getting more attention. We are kind of buzzing as far as the public goes, in real time.


Lissa Alicia: What is the concept behind Chaotic Neutral?

Emrld Ahmyo: If took a bunch of functions of reality and converted that to MP3 format, what would it sound like? It would always sound different every time because its chaotic and stuff. That’s what I was going for, for the sound of that project. Also, the wavelength of how the brain works and how the brain strings together thoughts – how neurons fire to different places in the brain in order to connect the thought; I kind of wanted to bring that functionality to the forefront to see if people can peep that about the music and see how it comes together. Chaotic neutral, to me is like a gray area where you haven’t chosen what exactly is about to happen. the possibilities are endless because you haven’t made a choice yet.






Lissa Alicia: What’s your favorite song on Chaotic Neutral?

Emrld Ahmyo: My favorite song is “Coincidence”. People downplay coincidences all crazy like. They just brush things off as a coincidence without actually thinking about what a coincidence may actually be; why these things are happening. I am pretty sure there is a quantum explanation behind it. The sound of the beat mixed with the rhymes give like a really dirty but happy feeling. When you listen to some of the things in the song; seeing things from any perspective that is given at the moment. Its kind of like the song itself is music that plays in the background when someone is having a really bizarre, surreal day. At least the first half of that song is that way.


Lissa Alicia: What is next for you as an artist?

Emrld Ahmyo: I am working on a TV show with my friends. Its not going to be a sketch comedy show, it will be a sitcom about Philadelphians. Its not going to be like Always Sunny, but we will make references to Its Always Sunny, just so we can catch people.






Lissa Alicia: What do you hate most about Hip-Hop?

Emrld Ahmyo: Twitter .

Lissa Alicia: Why?

Emrld Ahmyo: Because people are petty and prideful and it causes a lot unneeded negativity. Like yeah, its entertaining, but at the end of the day, niggas some how wind up as stars in a minstrel show… Again

You might as well listen




Emrld Ahmyo took me and Photographer Lindo Jones to the uncharted territory known as South Philly to explore Cambodian convince stores, dimly lit basketball games, and his fortified fortress.






Now for the unreleased Wave Particles

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  1. Rob

    I guess I’m a fan by default cause this is my nephew but I just became a fan by choice after this interview. Just when you think you know someone even family then you get a reality check. I just rediscovered my nephew…


  2. Khalik

    I knew Chinedu when I was in elementary school M.Hall.Stanton he was a different dude back then had his own wave, it’s cool to see him doing his thing if you can see this I remember in was a third grader you were 2nd grader and our classes were mixxed lmao Ms. lazzurus hated you dude!!!


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