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“Heart On My Sleeve” Review

     The Atlanta to Philly transplant, Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) has dropped new some new music produced by the multi-talented Khari Mateen.

“Heart On My Sleeve” begins with a reference to Trayvon Christian, “Just blew a stack at the Barney’s store. They still treat me like a Nigga. Nigga, you ain’t know?” After a couple bars, STS throws some spitfire, nine syllable one-liners, that are comparable to machine gun fire, typical STS. Between boasting about his Marc Jacobs tees and blazing on 5th Ave, STS makes sure to dedicate at least one of his costly purchases to an ancestors. “I might cop a chain, I’mma wear that for Toby. I might cop a mink, Imma wear that for goldie”, a common rhyme scheme that I found to be cleverly delivered. Mateen’s production calls for an infectous, rythmic bounce. The base is so heavy that I immediately imagined how the track would sound while riding in a car with devilish subwoofers instead of my $3.99 earbuds.

At first listen, the ‘swaggy’ sound of “Heart On My Sleeve” threw me off, but STS’s and Mateen’s execution of said style proved to be much better than most tracks that fit the description. This is due to STS’s flawless rapidly delivered rhymes and social undertones and Mateen’s full-bodied production.

Ultimately, “Heart On My Sleeve” is quite radio friendly yet it surpasses mainstream music in lyricism and production.

Check out the track here.


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