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The 4th Annual ‘Love Us’ Grand Production

"The 4th Annual 'Love, Us' Grand Production"Summer is officially here. With Memorial Day behind us and beach vacations to plan, it is a sure sign that most of us have already got into the swing of the season. I encourage you all to have as much fun as possible, but more importantly, I must ask that you save the date of June 26th. Starting at 7:30 PM “The 4th Annual ‘Love, Us’ Grand Production” will be held at The Rotunda, located on 40th and Walnut in the University City area of Philadelphia.

“‘Love, Us’ is an annual production, turned movement, created to promote universal and self-love through the arts”, says Founder and CEO Alyesha Wise (Ms. Wise).  Many times the world can feel like a cruel, cold place. Of course the good is out there but sometimes it is shrouded in a seemingly never ending series of unfortunate events. More often than not there are people out there who want that to change, Ms. Wise being one of them.

The 4th Annual 'Love Us' Grand Production

Alyesha was kind enough to take time to answer a few questions about “The 4th annual ‘Love Us’ Grand Production”!

LA: When and why was ‘Love, Us’ created?

AW: ‘Love, Us’ (the production) was just an idea in early 2010. Actually the name wasn’t even though of yet. Around that time, I was battling with coming to an understanding of all of the hatred that was occurring in the world. There seemed to be more hate crimes on the rise. Reported suicides, especially youth suicides, were on the rise. Also, the death of an icon, who I deem a “Love Revolutionist,” Michael Jackson, had just occurred. It was too much, and I needed somewhere to put all of the emotion – so I created this event which took place on Wednesday, June 29th 2010.

(We didn’t decide to make Love, Us an actual organization until the summer of 2011.)


LA: What is the ‘Love, Us’ Grand Production?

AW: “The Annual Love, Us Grand Production” is a mixed-arts production which takes place at The Rotunda, in University City, on the last Wednesday of every June. The production consists of back-to-back award-winning and up-and-coming artists who perform within the two themes of the organization by spreading universal and self love in their performance and/or performing art that elevates.


LA: Who performed at previous ‘Love, Us’ Grand Productions?

AW: Wow. Well we’ve had tons of performers, so far, in just the (going on) 4 years of the production. Each year, we book about 8-11 artists, so we’re averaging about 40. But to name a great few, we’ve had Def Poetry Jam’s, Sunni Patterson – Award Winning & International Poet, Queen GodIS – 2013 Woman of the World Champion, Denice Frohman – Actor and creator of “Girls! Girls? Girls.”, Marjuan Canady – and David Little, member of Philadelphia’s own Sela.

LA: What can we look forward to this year at “The 4th Annual ‘Love, Us’ Grand Production”?

AW: You can expect for everything to be 10 times bigger and better – A more diverse line-up and anticipated audience, features from all across the country, a tougher and tighter Love, Us team (which is a very good thing), and the time and creativity put into June 26th. It will be bananas.

Make sure to head you to The 4th Annual ‘Love US’ Grand Production, on June 26th at The Rotunda!!!!!!!!!!

Purchase your tickets here


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