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ASIS EP by Moor Mother Goddess Review

ASIS EP Review

                If you are familiar with the black punk scene in Philadelphia you have heard of the lead vocalist of the Mighty Paradocs, Camae Defstar. In this case we will refer to her as Moor Mother Goddess, her moniker used when recording her latest EP ASIS.

                Describing the music is not an easy feat. Nothing else sounds like it. A very free association would say that the Moor Mother’s production would be comparable to the tunes of many Santigold songs but even that would not be a fair comparison on the musical style of ASIS. Simply this is something I didn’t expect, but in the end the unique sounds entrapped me in their circa 1984 futuristic synth. Elements of African beats are found in the song “Sound 073”.  With lyrics that speak of the hustle and struggle, and a high pitched auto tuned voice that is heard though out her EP, Moor Mother Goddess sounds like angsty badass android. Another good song is “Screw8nice”, being “the real Rock & Roll slowed down to 40 BPM” makes you feel as if you are slow dancing underwater on ‘shrooms. With dubbed vocals, this song goes down a lot easier than the rest.­

                As a whole the ASIS EP is interesting. The beat work of Moor Mother Goddess is the shit. Period. The only problem I see with the work is the high pitched vocals. In some songs, it is a strain to hear the lyrics, but once you get past that you will find some beautiful poetry. As it is, is it worth a listen? I would say yes.

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